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Build your own wireless presentation space with ASTROS today.

We offer streamlined and innovative Wireless Presentation Solutions that enable professionals and educators to effortlessly share and interact.

  • All devices welcome

    Phone, laptop, tablet – ASTROS gives you the power to choose what you want to use.

  • Wireless as a given

    Hassle-free, convenient communication doesn’t need to be complicated and bulky.

  • Beyond mere screen sharing

    ASTROS is packed with additional collaborative features to enhance the entire experience.

Secure, flexible, and interactive wireless presentation ready solutions for presenters and participants.
  • Start or join a presentation in seconds
  • Enhance engagement
  • Crystal clear mirroring
    on 4K display
See, show and share whenever you’re ready

ASTROS is designed to help users to quickly initiate or join a presentation, even when moving between rooms or venues. We believe everyone involved in the session should be able to freely participate and contribute in a hitch-free and productive wireless environment.

How ASTROS works

Launch the ASTROS App to transmit your content to ASTROS Station to share on-screen.

Allow shared content to freely circulate within the meeting space.

wireless presentation?

  • One time purchase for free upgrade service

    Our products are constantly updated to ensure our clients have all the latest features at their disposal, and can enjoy our ongoing support without any additional costs.

  • Tailored-made to suit everyone's meeting needs

    We design and develop products to facilitate participation and maximize productivity for all industries and educational environments.

  • Software driven solutions

    Fully upgradable, ASTROS makes it easy to deal with short-life-cycle personal devices. New functions and features can be regularly updated via OTA service.

Start embracing wireless presentation in 3 simple steps

  • 1
    Review your requirements

    Contact us or our partners to determine the type of wireless presentation setup that best suits your specific needs.

  • 2
    Take a test drive

    Set up an ASTROS demo and experience how we can enhance the way you present, view, attend, participate and meet.

  • 3
    Migrate to ASTROS

    Embrace modern, efficient and hassle-free projection with ASTROS’s wide range of wireless presentation solutions.